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Includes Wash, Blow Dry & Style

Barber Cut  $38 - $50  30min to 45min

For those looking for a clipper cut or fade.

Short Haircut  $45 - $60  45min to 1h

If you like a short scissor over comb cut or pixie this is for you. Includes any cut ear length and shorter.

Medium to Long  $56 to $85  1hr to 1hr 15min

Our most popular option. Chin to mid back. Includes Bobs, Lobs or medium layered cuts.

Extra Long/Thick  $76 to $110  1h 15min to 1h 30min

Are you blessed with gorgeous, thick, long locks or have enough hair for two? This is the cut for you. Any cut past mid back, extra thick or curly.  We want to make sure we have enough time booked for you to enjoy the full Icon experience.

Bang Trim/Neck Line Clean Up  $15 to $18 15min

We suggest this service 2 to 3 weeks after your full cut.


Includes a Blow Dry & Style

Quick Fix  $105 to $145 1h 15min to 1h 30min

Refresh your tone in between blonding services. When you start to feel brassy or dull, typically 4 to 6 weeks. If you want to cover greys or a permanent result book a Root Touch or Full Color.

WHAT'S INCLUDED : tone gloss + hot towel treatment mask + blow dry & style. This is also a great time to add on a Trim.

Root Touch  $130 and up  1h 45min to 2hrs

Going darker or for grey coverage. If life's been busy and your regrowth is approaching your eyebrows book a Full Color.

Full Color  $140 and up  2hrs 

From the roots to the ends, your locks are covered. If you are refreshing your current color or darkening slightly this is for you.

This service does not include lightening or filling. If you are going from blonde to dark chocolate, red, copper or black this is not for you. 

Full Blonde/Bleach & Tone  $200 and up 2h 30min and up

You are blonde all over. It's been eight weeks or less from your last visit. This is the color service for you.

If you are not currently blonde and looking for a change, please email a photo of your current hair color in natural light and a photo of your target color to Hourly rates may apply.



Includes Tone Gloss + Blow Dry & Style. 

Partial Foil  $170 and up   2h and up 

Brighten up your hairline and face with a few foils . A perfect refresh for when you don't need a full blonding service.

Half Head Foil  $190 and up  2h 30min and up

A half head of foils can hit all the important parts. Brighten up the face and hairline. For the ponytail lovers or top knot goers this services includes a few foils in the back.

Full Head Foils  $225 and up  2h 45min and up

When a half just won't do and you need allll the foils. This is also for those who like to visit the salon 2 to 3 times a year.


Includes Tone Gloss + Blow Dry & Style. Achieved with a hand painting technique.

Partial Balayage  $175 and up   2h 15min and up 

A few pieces to frame the face and ends with a soft natural look. A perfect service for when you like to see your natural color with subtle dimension. 

Full Balayage  $240 and up   3h and up 

Brighten up your hairline, face and ends with a much heavier application while maintaining a lived in root. 

Icon Color/Blonding Service  $275 and up  3h 30min and up

Most trending colors and seamless blends  require the use of multiple techniques. Includes any combo of Balayage, Foiliage hand painting, seamless melted color or any combo.

What's Include: blonding + tone gloss + root smudge + bond protecting treatment + blow dry & style 


Looking to go blonde? If your hair is currently brown or darker this service is for you. Done with being a red head and ready to transition back to blonde? Did you have an oopsie at home, it's ok it has happened to the best of us. Must be booked by beginning with a photo of your current hair color in natural light and target photo. We may require you to come in for an in person consultation before your appointment. Hourly rates for this start at $100.


Classic Treatment Mask  $15

Add on to any service includes hot towel

Icon Treatment Mask  $25

Salon exclusive treatment at the bowl. Add on to any service includes hot towel.

Express Hair Botox  $50

Premium salon exclusive "botox" at the bowl. Add on to any service includes hot towel. 

Bonding Treatment Olaplex  $40

Add on to any service

Scalp Treatment  $40

Good for dry, overly oily scalps and to stimulate hair growth.


Wash & Blow Dry  45min to 60min  $50 - $60

Wash + Blow Dry + Hot Tool 60min to 75min  $60 to $75
Dressed Hair  60min to 90min  $79

Includes sewn or pinned up or half up styles

Add Clip-In Extensions  $20

For Bridal Hair Services + Pricing head to Icon Brides


Braids aren't just for kids anymore. Choose one of six looks from our braid bar menu or devise a custom braid from your favourite Pinterest board.

Braid  30min  $30

Dry Styling + Braid  45min  $45

Wash, Blow Dry + Braid  60min  $60


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