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Quick Fix Facial  40min   $60

Special event? Weather woes or Party Season? Don't let dull skin bring you down. Our Quick Fix Facial is a 40 minute - three step treatment to bring out your best skin.  No extractions, no down time, fresh and ready for your future plans.


What's include: double cleanse + gentle exfoliation + custom mask

Classic Facial  60min   $90

Lay down, relax and leave the rest to us. This 60 minute facial is all about you. Trust our aestheticians to create a custom potion for your needs.

What's included: deep cleansing + exfoliation +  extractions + custom mask + anti-stress eye lotion + face, neck and shoulder massage 


Icon Facial  75min   $115

No add ons needed. The Icon Facial does it all. Close the door to the world it's time to focus on you. This 75 minute facial allows you to relax, breathe and clear your mind and ... skin! 

What's included: double cleanse + exfoliation + steam + extractions + custom mask + anti-stress eye lotion + de-stress eye treatment + extended face, neck and shoulder massage + serum

Back Facial  60min   $90

We have your back with the most overlooked facial. This treatment helps with product build up, acne prone and dry irritated skin. It's also super relaxing and involves a nice massage.

What's included: cleanse + exfoliation + steam + light extractions + mask + massage

Add On

Upgrade to the newest trend a custom Hydrojelly Mask  15min   $15

Back & Neck Massage  15min   $20

De-Stress Eye Treatment  15min   $20


YouthRenew Hydra-Glow Facial Peel  60min   $95 OR Series of 3 $260

Treat your skin to a smoother texture, minimized wrinkles, and a brightened complexion with the YouthRenew™ HydraGlow Peel. Using pure, natural lactic acid, this gentle peel unveils wonderfully hydrated and plump skin with a radiant, healthy glow. Perfect peel for pre-wedding or special events. Safe for acne prone skin. No down time. For optimum results we recommend the 3 peel series.

Benefits: smooth texture + minimize wrinkles + brighten skin

Vivier Facial Peel  60min   $110

A gentle yet effective professional peel that helps refresh, brighten, tighten and illuminate the appearance of the skin.


Who it’s for: aging skin, age spots, dehydrated skin, skin imperfections, oily skin, congested skin and acne-prone skin.

Benefits: provides gentle exfoliation + stimulates collagen formation + helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and acne + smoothes and softens your skin + encourages cellular turnover




  • 3 to 5 days prior to your peel you should stop using any exfoliating products that may be drying or irritating to the skin.


  • Avoid and discontinue use of products containing retinoids, acids (salicylic acid & AHAs) or benzoyl peroxide.


  • You should not book any electrolysis, waxing, laser, or other hair removal procedures on your face.




  • Vivier Professional Peels have little to no downtime depending on the condition of your skin. You may see some redness or light peeling approximately 48 hours after the treatment and this may last up to 5 days.


  • The amount of sloughing experienced will vary depending on the condition of your skin and the home care products used. It is not an indication of the effectiveness of the treatment.


  • Your skin will be more sensitive to UV rays, so be sure to diligently apply and reapply a sunscreen with minimum SPF 30 or avoid direct sunlight whenever possible.


  • As any redness or peeling subside you will begin to see the youthful, glowing results of a Vivier Peel! Reduced fine lines and wrinkles, increased luminosity, firmer and tighter skin, smoother texture and reduced dark spots.


Dermaplaning is a turbo exfoliator for your skin that gets rid of dirt, build up of dead skin cells and vellus hair, better known as “peach fuzz.” The procedure involves gently scraping the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel by our licensed professionals. Dermaplaning is one of the most effective dermatologist-backed solutions for dealing with dull, blah skin. 

Is it the same as shaving? There are a couple major differences. It is a more thorough, skin-safe version VS shaving at-home which will only get rid of hair

Is there any downtime? Some light redness is normal. We recommend refraining from applying makeup and letting your skin breath for the rest of the day. Once your skin has had time to settle you are good to apply your makeup as usual.

What should I do for aftercare? You'll need to be diligent with SPF afterwards. A gentle sunscreen meant for your face and at least SPF 30 or higher. After your treatment your skin will be ready to soak up all the skin care! This is a good time to indulge your skin with serums, face masks and moisturizers to keep it hydrated and happy!.

Dermaplaning + Rose Hydrojelly Mask 60min   $110

Dermaplaning + Classic Facial 90min   $145

Benefits: baby soft skin + zero peach fuzz + brighten skin + skincare products will better penetrate the skin + flawless makeup application



Add On

Upgrade to the newest trend a custom Hydrojelly Mask  15min   $15

Back & Neck Massage  15min   $20

De-Stress Eye Treatment  15min   $20


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